5 Reasons Not To Install Your Own Roof

There are many homeowners who love do-it-yourself projects, and many of those people are very good at them. A roofing project might be one that the typical homeowner might want to pass on to a professional. The size of the project and the skills necessary are well beyond those of the average homeowner. Here’s why you should not attempt installing your own roof. Roofing businesses for sale Safety Issues

Installing a roof means that you will be on top of your home. In some cases, you could be thirty to forty feet off of the ground. Without some of the special tools that professionals possess – anti-slip roof coating, for example – a fall could occur. A fall is not the only danger. Roofing materials, or other debris, may fall off of the roof injuring passersby or vehicles.

Time Required

Face it. You are not a professional in the roofing business. Even if you can avoid falling off the roof, you do not possess the expertise to complete your job in a timely fashion. If you go to a job every day and plan on working after hours, how long will the job take? Even with the best equipment and materials you will spend far too much time completing your roof.


Most homeowners thinking of completing a roofing project on their own are thinking of doing so in order to save money. You will not. Since you are not a professional, you do not have access to the best materials at the best prices. Contractors can get the best materials and since they buy them regularly and in great quantities, will receive a price far lower than the average homeowner.


Once again, since you are not a professional, the quality of your work will not be of the standard it should be. A job not done adequately may result in leaks, which could result in serious damage to the structure of your home. You will wind up spending more money and more time in the long run.

The Unexpected

Since you are not in the roofing business, you will be unequipped to handle any unexpected discoveries. As you start removing your old roof, for example, you find asbestos in your roof or damaged trusses. What do you do? As a novice, you are ill-prepared for these types of situations. The bottom line is to leave a project like this to a professional. You will save yourself time, money, and several headaches in doing so.